Aerial Reel

Creative Aerials
Aerial cinematographer working across documentary, news, advertising, corporate, business, promos, travel and music.

Using the latest generation of drones to produce stunning, broadcast quality images.

I hold a Permission for Aerial Work issued by the CAA and carry fully comprehensive drone aviation insurance.

Future Dorset

Combining aerial and ground filming
Story Driven
The Future Dorset project was a good example of how I can combine aerial filming and ground filming on the same shoot. It features some of Dorset's finest visitor sites captured from the air.


DJI Inspire 2 with X5S Camera

Stunning 4K footage shot in Pro Res 422 or 444
This set-up produces stunning 4K ProRes 422 and 444 footage along with RAW capabilities. It also produces quality 20mp stills. The beauty of this set-up is that it is fast to set up and we can be flying in under 5 minutes. We have a 2 controller set-up so the camera can be operated by another operator creating really dynamic moving shots. There is a live video downlink so the client can view the shots live on a client monitor. This drone is also reasonably portable and can be carried in a large backpack to more remote areas.

The video on the left from DJI gives a good overview of it's capabilities.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus

4K 100mbps video in a compact body
Produces great quality 4k footage at 100mbps with the h.265 codec. The main benefit is it's small size and portability and this drone can literally be taken anywhere. It is also a more cost effective solution for lower budget projects.

The video on the right from DJI will give you a good idea of it's capabilities.

DJI Matrice 600 Pro (Coming soon)

The heavy lifter for cinema cameras and high resolution stills
The Matrice 600 pro will be available shortly and will be equipped with a Ronin MX gimbal to take a combination of cameras.

DJI's video on the left will give you a good overview of it's capabilities.

About Me

Creative aerial cinematographer with a modern style. I have a passion for the moving image and work across documentary, music promos, TV, corporate, short films and advertising.

I like to be creative

Experience freelance drone cameraman and freelance drone pilot. Whilst a lot of aerial cinematographers come from a technical background, what I really thrive on is being able to bring my existing filmmaking knowledge and skills to the world of aerials. I have worked on a range of productions including online advertising and awareness campaign, short films, corporates and documentaries. As a cameraman I can also offer ground filming alongside aerial filming on the same shooting day.

I am based near Bristol. I cover the entire UK. I love to travel and regularly work in Europe and further afield.

Image: Aerial Photo of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

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