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If you have any questions or would like to find out more please get in touch. Below you will find my portfolio, services and information about working with me.

Filmmaker London & UK - Filmmaking Services

12 years filmmaking experience working across expedition, travel, charity, broadcast, business and advertising.
Filmmaker / Self-shooting Director
Filmmaker London based. Visually focussed director with a passion for making videos that engage and connect with their audiences. Available for self-shooting director and standalone directing. I have a full crew for larger projects. Full filmmaking service available.
Drone Filming
Creative drone operator with lots of experience in drone filming and photography. Commercial license from CAA and comprehensive insurance. Latest 4K aerial drones. Available as stand-alone or alongside my other services.
360 Filming / Virtual Reality
I'm experienced delivering a range of 360 filming services for VR projects including 360 drone filming. I use the latest 5.7K and above 360 cameras to deliver high quality, live-action VR video content for my clients' projects. I offer a post-production service including editing and rig removal.
Cameraman London with a modern style and eye for detail. Extensive kit with 4K camera. During my career, I have shot over 300 interviews with CEOs and heads of departments.
I offer a full video production service including scripting, concept development, filming and post-production producing premium, high-quality video content for my clients.
VIDEO Editing
A full video editing service is available including motion graphics, colour grading and audio post-production.

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Filmmaker Portfolio

Filmmaking Services

  • Full filmmaking service. I work on the entire process from the concept through to filming and post-production.

  • Filming only. I’m available for hire as a Self-shooting Director, Director of Photography, CameramanI have a full film crew available for larger projects.

  • 360 filming. I offer 360 filming alongside my other services. It’s a great addition to any shoot for getting lots of interactive shots for social media.

  • Drone filming. I’m a licenced CAA pilot with extensive drone filming experience. I offer aerial filming as a standalone service or combined with ground filming. This often saves clients the additional cost of hiring another drone operator.

  • Video Editing. I offer video editing as a standalone service. I employ a full-time editor with 5 years commercial experience who I work closely with on my work.

Areas Of Filmmaking Experience

  • Expedition and Travel. I have lots of experience working in remote areas including Greenland, Svalbard and Antarctica. I combine drone filming with ground filming to create cinematic visuals.

  • Business and CorporateI have a 12 year proven track record working with businesses to help them communicate their messages. During this time I have filmed and produced videos for local authorities, councils and corporations. I have filmed numerous CEOs. I’m comfortable and professional filming with heads of companies.

  • Outdoors and Adventure. I have a small, portable kit which is ideal for shoots in hard to get to places.

  • Charity and Ethical. I have 12 years experience working with charities to help them tell their stories through video.

  • Documentary. I’m an experienced documentary filmmaker with a passion for ethical issues.

  • Broadcast. I have a number of broadcast credits including sporting events and drone filming for TV shows.

  • AdvertisingI have lots of experience filming and producing online marketing videos for agencies and global brands.

  • Food. I have extensive experience filming food-related videos for brands and agencies.

  • Marine. I have experience filming from boats and I hold RYA Powerboat Level 2 and Dayskipper. I’m also experienced flying drones from boats.

If I can be of assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Who I Work With

In general I work with anyone that is looking to make a film with an experienced filmmaker. I work either directly with a business or through an agency or production company. I have lots of experience working directly for global brands and with creative agencies and video production companies. Please see my FAQ below for more information.

If I can be of assistance please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

London Filmmaker: Drone Filming Services

I’m a freelance drone pilot with 5 years commercial flying experience. During that time I have filmed expeditions in remote areas, broadcast television, documentaries, architectural, cars and I have produced a drone film for the National Trust.

I’m equipped to film in remote areas and have had the experience of planning the logistics of a recent expedition to Greenland. I have lots of experience filming and flying from boats and I hold an RYA Level 2 powerboat and Dayskipper qualification.

  • CAA License
  • Latest 4K Drones
  • Fully Insured
  • Professional and Safe

Cameraman London

Cameraman London based with a passion for action, outdoors and adventure. I have 12 years filming experience and over that time I have worked on a range of productions including expedition, broadcast, charity and business.

I’m passionate about achieving a great look for all my work. My style lends itself towards outdoors and natural light. I often include drone filming as a part of my filming service which is a great way to elevate production values.

I have worked with clients around the world including agencies and global brands.

If you need a cameraman London and UK-wide please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I frequently travel and I have worked all over the world.

Filmmaker London: About Me

I’m a freelance filmmaker London based with 12 years experience. I have worked across a range of industries including charity, travel, expedition, documentary, fashion, business and corporate.

Frequently I direct, film and edit the same project for my clients. For smaller projects, I act as the director of photography and I shoot with my own Sony FS7 and prime lenses to create a modern cinematic look. For larger budget projects I take on the role of director and work with a full film crew to achieve that extra special look.

As an experienced drone pilot, I can also incorporate aerial cinematography into any of my projects. This saves my clients the cost of hiring an additional drone pilot.

My directing portfolio includes online advertising, a Keane Music video, short films, corporates and documentaries.

I’m based between London and Bournemouth. I cover the entire UK. I love to travel and regularly work in Europe and further afield.

When I’m not filming on behalf of my clients I’m travelling to the most remote places on earth with my travel blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Filmmaker London & UK

  • Which geographic areas do you cover? I cover all of London and the UK. I have worked all over the world and I am happy to travel. I have a base in Bournemouth and Bristol for regional work.
  • What do you charge? The cost of every project varies depending on my client’s requirements. To get an accurate cost  please contact me with your requirements and I will be able to provide you with an accurate quotation.
  • Are there any payment terms? For new clients, I charge 50% upfront and 50% on completion. For existing clients, my invoice is payable within 28 days unless otherwise agreed.
  • Do you work for exposure (free)? No. If you are a charity or a good cause with a limited budget I do consider projects of this nature, so please feel free to get in touch. I like to help where I can. If you are a commercial company or an agency I only accepted fully paid projects. Please contact me for rates.
  • Are there any projects you don’t take on? In general, I don’t work with companies listed on the Campaign Against The Arms Trade Website.

Cameraman London & UK

  • Can you film and direct projects? Yes. I have lots of experience doing this. I often act as a self-shooting director for my clients, filming and directing the same content. I have lots of experience filming CEO’s and corporate videos that often require a self-shooting director.

Drone Filming London & UK

  • Do you need a license for drone filming? Yes in the UK a drone pilot requires a PfCO issued by the CAA to fly legally.
  • Have you got a license? Yes. I’m fully licensed and renew the license annually.
  • Do you have insurance?  Yes I’m fully insured for commercial operations and can supply proof of this before filming.
  • Have you got a health and safety policy? Yes. I have a comprehensive operations manual that I can supply prior to filming taking place.
  • Can you fly anywhere? No. In the UK we have to fly within the law laid out by the CAA. Basically, I can’t fly within 50 meters of a road, person, building or vehicle not under my control. To find out more about the limitations, please visit Dronesafe. I’m happy to provide advice to clients about where they can and can’t film prior to a shoot.

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Are you looking to hire a London Filmmaker? I offer a full filmmaking service including:


  • Scripting

  • Concept development

  • Filming

  • 360 Filming

  • Drone filming

  • Video editing

  • Motion graphics

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