Highlights reel from a sailing expedition to the east coast of Greenland

I felt privileged to visit such an untouched wilderness. Only a handful of yachts make the passage every year. Scoresby Sund is the longest fjord in the world and it’s blocked by ice for most of the year making entry challenging.

To experience icebergs the size of cathedrals closeup onboard a yacht is every filmmaker’s dream. I used drones to film top-down views of the icebergs we encountered. From above the bergs looked completely different.

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I offer a full filmmaking service for expeditions and travel including scripting, filming and editing. Combining a passion for travel coupled with 12 years experience, I deliver compelling video content on every project.
Alongside filming, I'm also available for hire as an expedition & travel photographer. I have a keen interest in wildlife, landscapes and expeditions to remote places.
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Creative drone operator with lots of experience in aerial filming and photography. Commercial license from CAA and comprehensive insurance. Latest 4K aerial drones.
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I’m a freelance expedition filmmaker and photographer with a passion for remote places and 12 years experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to film in a variety of polar destinations including Svalbard, Greenland, Antartica and South Georgia.

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Alongside my filmmaking, I also write a blog about travelling to the remotest places on earth.

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